"Sometimes knowing what not to do, you do what you should." This is the theory of Ana Maria, the character of this novel, created by Author Sonia Goulart to represent many children who are victims of unbalanced parents and a society indifferent to the future. An apathetic society.

The novel The Force of God is a warning. Alert to educators and young people. Alert to overeating, to drugs. Sonia Goulart deals with those who had difficulties with her mother, father, and life.

This novel clearly shows us that when the road has only one way to hit its children, it somehow gets hurt. The author is a realist-humanist and writes with hope. He has created for this book a fantastic child who makes us laugh despite his pain.

Sonia Goulart writes with her heart about feelings, so that no one forgets that she has them, and how life to continue needs to use them.

Since, Sonia Goulart thinks that it is our feelings that will determine the way we walk in the Universe.

Sonia Goulart, contributes to this book, so that abandoned childhood and youth become better, and adults sensitive to the problems related to them. The author understands that society should be prepared as a whole, rationally, to love and take better care of its children.

The Force of God, is a novel suitable for teenagers, parents and educators in general.


Get carried away by the turmoil that an unexpected encounter brings to your life. Learn that a passion without judgment can happen to anyone. Have you never lived a big crush? Do you know that living in freedom, like everything else in life, has its price? Want to check if it's worth risking?

This novel provides interesting information about the extreme passion and emotions of the person in love.

The Irresistible Desire is a novel with impulsive, strong, ardent, desire-possessed people with explicit sex narrations that are described in a downright realistic way. Adult Book.

Book suitable for those who live, lived or would like to live a surprising passion.


You are a mother and love. Love, without limits. Face all adversity and strengthen yourself with mother's love. As a mother, or if you want to be a mother, learn from this book that when a mother thinks she loves enough, she finds that she can love more. Discover that love is tireless in all its forms.

Discover how life teaches us to love. This book was written to heal deep pains rooted in a woman's soul.

A book written to give strength in the daily life of the exhausted woman. It was written with love.

Learn to live with the surprises that life brings us when we least expect it.


Author Sonia Goulart speaks of the greatest love in the world. Writes about the feelings of the woman and the man she loves. Describes the love that vibrates in the human heart from youth to maturity. You follow in this book a kind of strong love that does not separate from your loved one, nor leave your thoughts away from them. Love that demonstrates what fate can do. Love that moves Destiny. Love that moves the balance of all things without people realizing its strength. Love that takes sleep thinking of the loved one. Love that makes you sweat. Love that brings immense happiness in a simple and exciting look. Love that loves from a distance as if it were close. Very tough love because the loved one is within ourselves. Love that sometimes platonic, is strong enough to make happy because who loves. In this novel, Author Sonia Goulart describes rare, sensually rich, divinely special facts of absolute grandeur that compel the reader to go beyond the limits of her imagination.

Book written for people who want to grow through new knowledge about love.